Completion of Service Record for Promotion to BS-19 & BS-20

Directorate of Public Instruction (SE) Punjab, Lahore has issued the official Notification letter on 22nd November, 2019 in connection with completion of service record for promotion to BS-19 & BS-20 (Male & Female).

Refer to this Directorate Memo No. 8676/C-III dated 12.06.2019 and 9855/C-IlI dated 15.07.2019 on the subject cited above.

It has been embarrassed while giving brief to School Education Department on the progress of completion of promotion cases from BS-18 to BS-19 and BS-19 to BS-20 (Male & Female). The high ups of the Department shown concern on the overall input of the service record of the officers of promotion zone and have shown there this satisfaction on the efforts of lower formation that has not been rendered for filling up vacant posts by promotion.

The lists of pending cases/PERs/missing documents are again being sent and it is emphasized for its expeditious submission immediately relating to your district failing which you  will be held responsible for consequences.

Completion of Service Record for Promotion to BS-19 & BS-20

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