Constitution of Pay & Pension Commission 2021 Sindh Notification

Administration of Sindh, the Finance Department has issued the Notification on 17th December, 2020 regarding the Constitution of Pay and Pension Commission 2021 by Finance Department Sindh.

Constitution of Pay and Pension Commission 2021

Pay & pension Commission, Finance Division, Government of Pakistan, Finance department, Government of Sindh hereby constitute a Working Group for formulating the proposal of Government of Sindh for Pay & Pension Commission-2020, comprising the following officers:-

S No. Designation Status
01. Finance secretary Chairman
02. Special Finance Secretary (B&E) Member
03. Special Finance Secretary (Resources) Member
04. Additional Finance Secretary (SR/Admn) Member
05. Additional Finance Secretary (Resource) Member
06. Director, Economic Reform Unit Member
07. Director, IT (B&E) Member
08. Deputy Secretary (Admn & Accounts) Member
09. Deputy Secretary ( B&E-I) Member
10. Chief, Information Management Unit Member
11. Consultant (PFM-SPP) (Mr. Zulfiqar Mirza) Member
12. Section Office (B&E-VII) Member
13. Section Office (B&E-I) Member / Secretary
  • To evaluate Existing Basic Pay Scale System and its efficacy and make recommendations
  • To assess service-related perks and privileges / ancillary matters to civil servants
  • For assessing the financial sustainability of the existing pension scheme of the Government of Pakistan.
  • To propose a unified mechanism of Pay & Allowances amongst provinces and the federal government.
  • To evaluate legislative measures to protect and streamline Pay, Pension, and Allowances and propose amendments.
  • For providing oversight to actuary on pension reforms.
  • To formulate overall proposals/recommendations for the Government of Sindh.

Constitution of Pay & Pension Commission 2021 Sindh Notification

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