CoronaVirus Precautions in Pakistan Latest Circular

Government of Pakistan, Cabinet Secretariat, Cabinet Division has issued the official Notification letter on 28th February, 2020 in connection with CoronaVirus precautions in Pakistan latest circular.

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In view of the reported cases of Corona virus diagnosed in the country. The following precautionary measures are notified for general information and compliance:

Advice for Public Awareness

  1. Everyone may avoid hand-shakes and hugging
  2. For the moment, bio-metric attendance may be stopped and the attendance register may be used.
  3. Side railings, door knobs must not be touched; Officers / Officials may leave the doors open to avoid anyone touching the door knobs for opening them;
  4. Similar action may be taken for joint use apparatus Рlike computer  keyboards, fax machines, telephones Рwhere operators can wear disposable gloves while using such apparatus;
  5. Officers must ensure that if a person is suffering from flu, he/she must wear a mask. The use of one mask should not be for more than a day, and it should be replaced with a fresh one;
  6. Any official showing symptoms of temperature, flu, etc. should be taken to hospital straight away;
  7. Washing of hands by all staff, with soap, must be made compulsory every 3-4 hours. Washing should be atleast for 20 seconds.

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Further instructions regarding CoronaVirus precautions in Pakistan may follow, if and when required.

CoronaVirus Precautions in Pakistan Latest Circular

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