CoronaVirus Precautions to Officers & Officials Food Department Punjab

Government of the Punjab, Food Department has issued the official Notification letter on 16th March, 2020 in connection with CoronaVirus precautions to officers & officials.

N0.S0F(G) 3-6/2013 (P-N). In the wake CoronaVirus being declared as “Pandemic” by  World Heath Organization and multiple incidents in the Province, all officers & officials irrespective of their designations are hereby directed to strictly observe the following preparedness, readiness and response  actions and ensure that officials under the respective offices also comply the same:

  1. No hands shakes
  2. Frequent washing of hands with soap
  3. Avoid close contact
  4. No get together
  5. A minimum of 01 to 02 meters safe space / distance to be maintained between 02 individuals.
  6. No public gatherings
  7. Use and sanitizers frequently
  8. Drink plenty of water
  9. Avoid touching face, eyes, mouth and nose
  10. While sneezing / coughing cover your mouth with your bent elbow.
  11. In case of cough, breathing difficulty, fever or flu avoid attending offices and consult your doctor immediately
  12. Observe the same precautions while in office, in transport and at your home.
  13. Guide your family members as well to observe similar precautions.


  • Not everyone needs to have coronavirus tests
  • Not everyone needs to wear face mask.

CoronaVirus Precautions to Officers & Officials Food Department Punjab

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