Covid-19 SOPs Checklist Proforma for Schools 2021

Nowadays, the news is circulating about opening of schools with skeleton staff for the management and administration purposes. But due to Coronavirus lockdown situation demands to implement Covid-19 SOPs through the checklist proforma.

Documents Checklist Proforma 2021

Following are the main reasons to verify Covid-19 precautionary measures through remarks of adopting checklists key points;

  1. Name of School
  2. Name of Head Teacher
  3. Wearing of masks
  4. Cleanliness of tables
  5. Frequent washing of hands with soap
  6. Coating of hands with sanitizers
  7. No hand shakes
  8. Avoid close contacts
  9. No public gatherings
  10. Drink plenty of water
  11. Avoid touching face, mouth, eyes and nose
  12. While sneezing/ coughing cover your mouth
  13. Removal of stagnant water
  14. Grass cutting
  15. Cleanliness
  16. Watertank cleanliness
  17. Dengue awareness banners
  18. Removal of Junks
  19. Plugging of water leakages

Covid-19 SOPs Checklist Proforma Pdf Download

Covid-19 SOPs Checklist Proforma for Schools

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