CSS Competitive Examination 2022 Screening Test Prior Written Examination Summary

Dr. Ijaz Munir , Establishment Secretary has issued the Summary for the Cabinet to introduce CSS Competitive Examination 2022 screening test prior written examination.

Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) is the premier Federal Government Institution, established under Article 242 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan For recruitment to cadre and ex-cadre posts in BS-16 and above and above. The Commission holds CSS Competitive Examination annually four recruitment against twelve Occupational Groups/Services.

CSS Exam (Written and Screening Test) 2022

CSS examination comprises presently four components:

  1. Written examination,
  2. Medical examination,
  3. Psychological assessment
  4. Viva vice.

It is being at various for a that current system does not take into account domain specific knowledge required to perform within various groups/service.

The Prime Minister’s Task force on Civil services Reforms, headed by Dr. Ishrat Hussain, has proposed reforms in the CSS examination system as at Annex-I, inter-alia including (i) screening test for determining problem solving and analytical abilities, (ii) psychometric evaluation to determine the aptitude and motivation of candidates towards civil service and (iii) domain specific written examination separate for clusters.

A meeting was chaired by advisor to the Prime Minister on Civil service Reforms, Dr. Ishrat Hussain at Prime Minister’s Office discuss Civil Reforms among other items. The meeting was attended by Secretaries of Establishment Division, Cabinet Division, Finance Division and Addition Secretaries of the Prime Minister’s Office. The proposals of the meeting regarding introduction test are at Annex-II.

The Prime Minister’s Office vide U.O No. 2415/SPM/2019 dated 26-09-2019, requested the Established Division for reconsideration o the proposal in consultation with FPSC to make it more palatable and inclusive as the said proposal undesirably tantamount to exclusion of majority from the competitive process(Annex-III).

On another summary bearing No 1/7/2012 T-V (prt) dated 05-8-2019, it was approved by the Prime Minister and conveyed vide Prime Minister Office’s U.O No. 2132/SPM/19 dated 16-9-2019, that screening test should be introduced w.e.f. the CSS 2020 giving sufficient lime both to the prospective candidates and FPSC to prepare for the change (Annex-IV).

CSS Competitive Examination 2020 Screening Test Prior Written Examination Summary

Since there is a tremendous increase in the number of candidates for the upcoming CE-2020 upto 39500, FPSC has proposed that the screening test may be conducted in January’/February 2020; while moving the main examination by another 2-3 months ahead. This will provide ample time to the candidates to prepare for the screening lest.

The overall completion time/announcement of final results and allocations are likely to remain unaffected for the CSS-2020 examination. Although holding of screening test after a short interval of 2-3 months i.e. in January/February, 2020. may not be a popular decision, yet it has become more of a compulsion than choice for the Commission.

It is pertinent to mention here that introduction of screening test w.e.f 2020, will require amendments in CSS Competitive Examination Rules 2019, which is at Annex-V after vetting from the Law and Justice Division. The views of FPSC (Annex-VI) are endorsed.

The Prime Minister being incharge of the Establishment Division has seen and submission of the summary to the Cabinet vide U.O. No 2415/SPM/2019 dated 2-12-2019 (Annex-VII) in terms of Rule 16(1) of the Rules of Business, 1973 (Annex-VIII)

The Cabinet is requested 10 kindly consider and approve the proposal at para 5 and 6 above alongwith draft amendments.

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CSS Competitive Examination 2020 Screening Test

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