Deduction of Conveyance Allowance During Summer Vacations 2020

Office of the District Accounts Officer, Mianwali has issued the official Notification letter on 10th April, 2020 in connection with deduction of conveyance allowance during summer vacations 2020.

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As you know that School Education Department declared summer vacations upto 31-5-2020 but not shown effective date. In this regard, it is requested the effective date of summer vacations may be intimated to this office for the deduction of conveyance allowance as early as possible as the monthly payroll for the month of April, 2020 will be executed very soon.The Government of Punjab is pressing for early payment of Corona Fund.

Further, vide notification No. FD.SR.I/9-21/2016 dated 30-3-2020 the details / list may be provided of those officers who recruited on the basis of qualification of PhD/DSc M.Phil/LL.M Degree.

Kindly reply must be sent prior to 11:00 AM on 11-4-2020 because the payroll should be executed tomorrow positively. Otherwise the conveyance allowance of the month of April shall be deducted from the employees (Summer Vacations 2020) of Mianwali.

Deduction of Conveyance Allowance During Summer Vacations 2020

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