Deep Ripper Plough Advantages SIAPEP Project in Sindh Govt

Government of Sindh through Sindh Irrigated Agriculture Productivity Enhancement (World Bank Assisted) Project is providing Deep Ripper Plough on subsidy basis, the Project will bear 45% cost of “Deep Ripper” Plough where as farmer / grower will bear 55% cost.

Advantages of Deep Ripper

This Deep Ripper Ploughs very deep in the soil, which provides air to the roots and the plant gets sufficient oxygen which makes tile plant stronger,

It breaks the hard pan or layer of the soil.

It makes the soil ready for tile suitable plant growth.

It opens the soil well which allows water to reach the roots fast.

The crop with deep roots turn stronger if this ripper is used prior to the cultivation.

The main advantage of this ripper is that the crop becomes stronger and in abundance.

Procedure to Obtain Deep Ripper

Interested growers or service providers will have to complete the following requirement along with the application.

1. An attested copy of the ownership documents of at least one 55 Horse Power Tractor.

2. An Attested copy of valid CNIC.

3. Free of cost prescribed application forms can be received from district SIAPEP Offices and can be submitted at the address given below or Additional Directors SIAPEP field offices established @ District level.

Deep Ripper Plough Advantages SIAPEP Project in Sindh

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