Deposit Your Due Property Tax Latest By 31st December 2019

Excise, Taxation and Narcotic Control Department ( has issued the advertisement of attention for property tax payers to please deposit your due property tax last date on 31st December 2019.

Failure to Pay Property Tax by due time will entail 10% penalty.The Government may be compelled to either issue arrest warrant or first attach your property and then Foreclose it.

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Following Persons are Exempt from Property Tax

  1. Widow.
  2. Disabled
  3. Retired Government Servant with Rs: 12000/- or Less Property Tax.
  4. Owners of 120 sq. yard or less residential houses.
  5. Owners of 600 sq. ft or less flats.

Non-Payment or delay will only increase your Property Tax Liability. It will not absolve you From Payment of Property Tax.

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Further Information or Assistance, Please Contact the following

  1. Director (Karachi) – 021-9923163
  2. Director (Hyderabad) – 022-9200148
  3. Director (Mirpurkhas) – 0233-9290211
  4. Director (Shaheed Banazirabad) – 0244-9370178
  5. Director (Sukkur) – 071-9310202
  6. Director (Larkana) – 074-9410751

Deposit Your Due Property Tax Latest By 31st December 2019

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