Directions/Instructions regarding Head Teachers & Teachers of Schools

Office of the Chief Executive Officer (M-EE), Faisalabad has issued the official Notification letter on 05th November, 2019 in connection with Directions/Instructions regarding Head Teachers & Teachers of the Schools.

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Please reference to the subject cited above. It is intimated to all the head teachers teachers follow the instructions as under.

1. All the teachers submit their mobile phone to their School Head Teacher during working hours.

2. All teachers take care of their personal cleanliness and use proper dressing in school hours.

3. The teachers also take care, the cleanliness of their class students.

4. Use of helping books is strictly prohibited other than the PTB books for the students in school.

5. It is the responsibility of Head Teacher to take care of cleanliness of the school premises.

6. For proper cleanliness of the school the head teacher is responsible to arrange sweeper from NSB if required.

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All the Dy. District Education Officers (M-EE) and Assistant Education Officers (M-EE) are directed to convey this message to all teachers and Head Teachers of the schools under your jurisdiction/supervision.

DirectionsInstructions regarding Head Teachers & Teachers of Schools

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