Directions Regarding Clean and Green Punjab 2021

Chief Executive (DEA) Gujranwala has issued the official Notification letter on 18th January, 2020 in connection with meeting directions regarding clean & green Gujranwala.

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A meeting regarding the subject cited above was conducted under the Chairmanship of worthy Commissioner, Gujranwala Division, Gujranwala on 18-01-2020 In his office wherein following directions were passed for strict compliance / execution / implementation in the school/offices falling under your jurisdiction:

1). The external and internal look must be made attractive by painting/colorful white wash.

2). Lawns and grounds must be neat & clean and well cared & kept through seasonal plants and grass cutting.

3). There must not be any heap of mud/stray papers/garbage in view during visit by any officer/outsider.

4). There must not be any wild grass on roofs and parapets of the building, if exist these must be removed immediately.

5). The broken / discarded stock Items must be properly stored In proper place.

6). There must not be any live electric wires hanging in the class rooms.

7). Toilet block must be maintained/washed properly and must be stink free.

8). The walking tracks must be leveled properly.

9). Each class room must have attraction/friendly atmosphere for the students.

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The expenditure if required may be met out of NSB/fund. available in the schools. If any school shows slackness and the NSB funds are also available in that school, the head will be account for strictly under the rules.

Directions Regarding Clean and Green Punjab 2020

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