Disbursement of Salaries / Opening of IDs

Government of Sindh Health Department has issued the Notification on 7th August, 2019 in the matter of disbursement of salaries / opening of IDs. The details are given below:

I am directed to refer to the subject noted above and in pursuance of Finance Department’s letter No. FD.SO(D&R)3(22)/20 14, dated 04.03.2016, Health Department, Government of Sindh accords it’s permission for release of salaries through SAP system I issuance of ID’s in respect of regularized employees of Sindh Lady Health Worker Program for Family Planning & Primary Health Care Jamshoro and enclose herewith hiring proforma (07) LHWs, (01) LHS & (01) Account Supervisor (BPS-07) (in original) of District Jamshoro duly countersigned by the Secretary to Government of Sindh, Health Department to open lDs for drawal of salaries immediately.

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