Dont Eat Smuggled Supari – SHAHI Public Message

SHAHI announces total removal of Betel Nut from its Products

SHAHI Company has issued the public message of the day for customers through Newspapers on 25 September, 2019 in connection with Dont Eat Smuggled Supari. With gratitude to all our patrons who have enjoyed our supari products for decades, we wish to inform that henceforth these products will have the same flavor, taste and high quality but will not contain supari. The reasons for this step are given below.

DURING THE END OF NAWAZ SHAREEF’S tenure, the GOVERNMENT instituted certain vague changes in the law regulating the import of betel nuts, Resultantly, not a single bag of Areca nut (commonly known, as betel nut, supari or chalia] has been legally imported since December 2017. In this period, Rs. 150 billion of chalia has been smuggled into the country and government has lost Rs. 44 billion in revenue through duties and taxes. It would be worthwhile mentioning that while the court has issued clarification in this matter, smuggler mafia and their facilitators are still preventing the legal import.

Now that we have used up all our legally imported stock, we will not be forced to buy smuggled Supari. Hence for the time being until import of legal supari is made practical, we have decided to remove Supari from all of our products, But it is our appeal to you, our patrons, and all those who have been enjoying the taste of SHAHI products for decades and all Pakistan!s who consume chalia in any form, to please give up eating Chalia until it is imported legally. We trust in the power of our people and we believe they can beat smugglers and their facilitators by boycotting smuggled supari, Wei hope you will find our alternative products that do not contain chalia SHAHI Deluxe LITE and SHAHI ELAICHI, equally tasty.

Dont Eat Smuggled Supari - SHAHI Public Message

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