DPISE Punjab Instructions To Achieve 100% Results 2021

Directorate of Public Instruction, Colleges, Punjab has issued the official notification on 5th March, 2021 in connection with DPISE Punjab instructions to achieve 100% results 2021.

How To Achieve 100% Results 2021 DPISE Instruction

Owing to COVID-19 precious time of the students was wasted but because of our diligent teachers, the online classes continued during the closure time of the institutions. Now it is requested to pay full concentration towards the coverage of the courses weekly and monthly tests to achieve brilliant results.

Further, no extra curricula activities should be organized in the colleges except the instructions from the Higher Authorities. If extra curricula activities are inevitable, the Principal may send a request through Deputy Directors (Colleges) of your office with a certificate that 100% course of the different courses have been completed then the permission may be granted by your offices.

Furthermore, it has come into the notice of the Higher Authorities that Junior Officers are nominated as Incharge Principals in some Institutions, this office itself decides most of the cases regarding seniority issues of the Incharge Principals Therefore, it is requested that the name of the Senior Most Faculty Member may be sent to this office for nomination as Incharge Principal of the college. Then your office will issue DDO powers in favour of the nominated Principal (Senior Most Member).

DPISE Punjab Instructions To Achieve 100% Results 2021

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