Duplicate Service Book Procedure Forever

Duplicate Service Book Procedure

Before going to duplicate service book procedure forever, I would first tell you about the importance of service book because it is essential to understand the value of duplicate service book rules for any government employee.

What is Service Book

The service book is an authentic portfolio for all Government employees, which are Non-Gazetted (BPS-1 To BPS-15). It is the record of full service of any govt employee. The service book is the performance history of govt employees because it contains all sorts of valid documents from the first step into government service till retirement.

It includes the following valid documents;

  • Complete Introduction of Govt. Employee
  • Pay Scale-Revised
  • Annual Increment
  • Upgradation
  • Promotion
  • Premature Increment
  • Earned Leave Record
  • Extra-Ordinary Leave Record
  • Posting/Transfer Record
  • Annual Service Verification Record

Note: Above these are the primary record of the govt employees in the form of a service book.

How To Prepare Duplicate Service Book

Your original service book is completed at regular intervals and also signed by the DDO or concerned authority. You can get your original service from the DDO or the concerned office where you had submitted your service book, and you can make photocopies of your original service book. These photocopies become your duplicate service book which you can keep in your custody for future use. It is just because the original service book is always in possession of the DDO or Admin Authority.

In case Original Service Book Lost

If you have not made the photocopies of your original service book and you came to know that it is lost from the office, what will you do..?

It would be best to keep in mind that your original service book is valuable because it contains your entire service record.

If your original service is lost, then one thing that can help you is that you consult your personal file and then perform the preparation of duplicate service book.

Your personnel file includes the following data;

  1. Letter of Appointment
  2. Joining Report
  3. Relieving Report
  4. Transfer/Posting Orders
  5. Pay Fixation Proformas
  6. Leave Records
  7. Orders of Annual Increment
  8. Pay Slips
  9. First Medical Report

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You can also consult with your personnel file data with the person with the same designation as yours to precisely make your duplicate service book. Now, you can submit all of these possible documents of the service book to the competent authorities for further verification and formation of your duplicate service book in the place of your original service book, which was lost.

These are the ways you can easily make your duplicate service book from your record kept at home in the shape of photocopies.

Useful Suggestions For Maintenance of Service Book

All the data of Govt. employees is now available online on HRMS after the hectic efforts of government officials. Following are the main categories that have been included in the HRMS portal and SIS Mobile App.

  1. Employee Basic Information Profile
  2. Personnel and official contact details
  3. Qualification
  4. Medical Category
  5. Service Particular of Spouse
  6. Mandatory/Other Training Record
  7. Countries Record
  8. Achievements
  9. Emoluments
  10. Assets
  11. Service Record (Online Service Book)
  12. Casual Leave Record
  13. Transfer Record

So, I add here that the original service book record is also made online on this HRMS so that there is no way or any difficulties that your service book is lost or not.

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