E-Retirement, E-Leave, E-PERs and E-Seniority on SIS

Punjab Govt, School Education Department has issued the official notification on 28th July 2021 in connection with E-Retirement, E-Leave, E-PERs, and E-Seniority on SIS (School Information System). The further details are given below;

Notification of Retirement, Leave, PERs and Seniority on SIS 2021

In pursuance of digitization of school operations, the Focal person i.e. DPI (EE) has requested that some other modules have been prepared by PITB which are ready to be implemented. The new modules are given below:

  1. Retirement Notification along with pension payment orders through the online system.
  2. Submission of Performance Evaluation Reports to reporting officer and countersigning officer through the online system.
  3. Maintenance of Seniority list through an online system.
  4. Sanctioning of leave through an online system.

You are hereby directed to ensure implementation of the above modules as per the attached procedure/criteria of each module immediately.

E-Retirement, E-Leave, E-PERs and E-Seniority on SIS

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