E-Transfer Suggestions For Primary Portion

Many primary schools have four to five sanctioned posts but required teachers are eight to ten. No transfer is possible without the availability of vacant posts in such schools.

Suggestions For e-Transfer 2021

While in many primary schools sanctioned posts are five to six and required teachers are only two to three because the strength of students in such schools is very low. In such schools transfer is also not possible because no teacher is required there.


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So the solution to this problem is that vacant posts of those schools where no teacher is required should be shifted to those schools where there is an extreme shortage of staff and no vacant post is available.

After shifting of posts transfer should be done without STR restrictions for those teachers who have served more than three years at one station. In this way, no teacher will go to those schools where there is no requirement of Teacher because there will be no vacant post.


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Teachers will only go to those schools where teachers are required. After the first round of transfer there should be a 2nd round and after the completion of 2nd round of transfer select those schools which have no Teacher to run the school.


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To run those schools internal arrangements should be made by CEOs by engaging teachers from nearby schools on a temporary basis. For new recruitment, only local teachers should be selected for running remote areas schools where no other teacher wants to stay and recruitment should be nontransferable for five to eight years.

E-Transfer Suggestions For Primary Portion

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