Early Finalization of Pension Cases

In order to save the retiring Government employees and pensioners from undue hardship due to delay in sanction of pension and to avoid litigation, the instructions regarding early finalization of pension cases issued by the Government from time to time may be followed in letter and spirit.

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Attention in this regard is also invited to the Supreme Court of Pakistan Order dated 7th April, 2009 issued in Human Rights Case No. 5/2009 wherein the apex court has directed that “in future, if there is any delay in the finalization of the Pension benefits in case of the retiring Government servants, widows or orphan children and matter is brought to the notice of this court, the head of the concerned department shall also be held liable for the contempt of the Court and shall be dealt with strictly, in accordance with law.”

The Chairman, Pay and Pension Commission-2009, while reviewing the Pension Payment System in Commission observed that existing instructions on the above subject are not being followed strictly. It was also stated by him that the Heads of the Organization should ensure that the retiring employees get their PPOs and commuted amounts on the last working days of their service.

In view of above, it is proposed that the following course of action may be adopted for speedy finalization of pension cases of retiring Government Servants:-

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(i) Administration/Establishment Wings / Personnel Management Officers of all the Administration Departments/Attached Departments/Autonomous Bodies and Accounts Officer concerned should prepare lists, showing the, date of retirement of the Government Servants, one year before the date of retirement, without waiting for formal application from the Government Servants concerned.

(ii) The list should be reviewed quarterly and submitted to the Head of Department who will monitor the progress on quarterly basis,

(iii) The pension cases should be forwarded to the Audit Office/Accounts Office concerned at least three months before the actual date of retirement.

(iv) The Head of Department will ensure timely finalization of the pension cases, in case any delay on the part of defaulter is noticed by them, strict disciplinary action may be initiated after fixing the responsibility, under the PEEDA Act, 2006.

Notification of Finalization of Pension Cases (Speedy Process)

Government of Pakistan, Finance Division (Regulation Wing) has issued the official Notification letter on 3rd May, 2013 in connection with early finalization of Pension Cases.

The undersigned is directed to refer to Finance Division’s O.M No. F. 11(2)-Reg.6/2002 dated 25th November, 2002 and No. 11(1)-Reg.6/2009 dated 01-6-2009 on the subject  noted above and to state that in spite of repeated instruction issued by the finance division from time to time for expeditious and timely settlement of pension cases, there are increasing number of complaints from pensioners regarding non finalization of pension cases within stipulated period.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan in Civil appeal No. 48 of 2013 vide its Judgement dated 21020.2013 has been pleased to direct that:-

We, theretofore, direct that all the Government Departments, Agencies and Officers deployed to serve the general public within the limit by the Constitution as well as by the law shall not cause unnecessary hurdle or delay in finalizing the payment of pensionary/retirement benefits cases in future and violation of these directions shall amount to criminal negligence and dereliction of the duty assigned to them.

Thus having noticed such vulnerable conditions prevailing in the department particularly relating to the payment of the pension to retired Government servants or widows or orphan children. we direct all the Chief Secretaries of the Provincial Governments as well as the Accountant Generals and the Accountant General Pakistan Revenue, Islamabad, to ensure future strict adherence of the pension rules reproduced hereinabove and clear such cases within a period no / A more than two weeks without fail.

Similarly, the Chief Secretaries shall also issue Instructions along with the copy of this Judgment to the Heads of the Departments including responsible officers to initiate and finalize the pension cases well in advance from the date of retirement of Government servant without fail as required by rule 5-2 of chapter V of the West Pakistan Civil Servants Pension Rules 1963.

The object in issuance of above directions to the concerned authorities is only to make realize their duties and responsibilities, which they owe to the retiring government servants.

We also direct that in future if there is any delay in the finalization of pension benefits cases of the government servants, widows or orphan children and matter is brought to the notice of this Court, the head of the concerned department shall also be held liable for the contempt of the Court shall be dealt with strictly in accordance with law.

Ministries/Divisions/Departments/Accounts Office/Pension Payment Offices are requested to bring the the aforesaid directions of the apex court, to the notice of all pending cases of the retire Government employees / families of the deceased Government servants. They are also requested to abide by the same procedure in all pension cases, in future, in letter and spirit.

Early Finalization of Pension Cases Finalization of Pension Cases

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