Earned Leave Rules in Pakistan

Every Government department allows their employees 48 days earned leave every year but some of matters you have to know before availing all the days. Be careful for sanctioning all your earn leave because your conveyance allowance and LPR leave surely effect with it. You must learn what is earned leave in Pakistan and how can you calculated for yourself:

All service rendered by a Civil servant qualifies him to earn leave in accordance with these rules but shall not be earned during the period of leave.

Earned Leave Rules 2022 Pakistan (Govt Employees)

Any period spent by a civil servant in foreign service qualifies him to earn leave rules provided that contribution towards leave salary is paid to the Government on account of such period.

Earning and accumulation of leave.—(1) A civil servant shall earn leave only on full pay which shall be calculated at the rate of four days for every calendar month of the period of duty rendered and credited to the leave account as “Leave on Full Pay”, duty period of fifteen days or less in a calendar month being ignored and those of more than fifteen days being treated as a full calendar month for the purpose.

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(2) If a civil servant proceeds on leave during a calendar month and returns from it during another calendar month and the period of duty in either month is more than fifteen days, the leave to be credited for both the incomplete months shall be restricted to that admissible for one full calendar month only.

(3) There shall be no maximum limit on the accumulation of such leave.

Civil Servants in Vacation Department

A civil servant in vacation department may earn leave on full pay:

(a) When he avails himself of full vacation in a calendar year at the rate of one day for every calendar month of duty rendered.

(b) When during any year he is prevented from availing himself of the full vacation as for a civil servant in a non-vacation department for that year, and

(c) When he avails himself of only a part of the vacation as in (a) above plus such proportion of thirty days as the number of days of vacation not taken bears to the full vacation.

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Earned Leave Rules in Pakistan

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