Educational Qualifications Clerical and Non-Executive Appointments

Educational qualifications for clerical and other non-executive appointments (upto * Class-II).- It has been decided by Government that education up to Intermediate stage should be considered sufficient for clerical and non-executive appointments under Government. In view of this decision, qualifications for such posts as referred to above should be revised in consultation with Establishment Division and/or the Central Public Service Commission as may be necessary.

The persons appointed to such posts should, however, be given sufficient specialist training after recruitment and before employment. The Secretariat Training Institute of the Establishment Division is taking necessary action to formulate a programme for training of clerical staff (Assistants, U.D.Cs, L.D.Cs) of the Ministries and their Attached/ Subordinate Offices. As regards the training of the staff employed in other posts affected by the decision mentioned above, the question may be examined by Divisions concerned and a decision may be taken in consultation with the Establishment Division (Training Wing).

The contents of this O.M. may please be brought to the notice of all concerned including the autonomous bodies under the administrative control of Government for compliance.

[Authority:- Estt. Division O.M.No.5/14/62-D.V., dated 3-6-1967]

Educational Qualifications Clerical and Non-Executive Appointments

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