Ehsaas Langar & Panagah Android App on Google Play Store

PTI Government has introduced another state of art initiative of laughing Ehsaas Langar & Panagah android app under the vision of Ehsaas Kafalat and emergency cash. The program of Ehsaas langar, Ehsaas Panagah and Ehsaas Rashan all the names are familiar in public.

Ehsaas Langar & Panagah App 2023

Ehsaas Program Langar & Panagah app is providing to help out of those poor people who have no shelter to spend night or to go for bed. This enables geographic location of welfare organization to be mapped when they are photographed with the application such that there is better coordination of relief effort and no duplication under deserved areas will also be identified through app.

This app also provides public information about langar and Panagah. The question arises in mind that how could it possible to download the app for any poor person who have no android phone and internet.

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As human being and being a Pakistani Ertugrul, It is our prime duty to inform through App and help the poor and deserving persons, if we cannot keep those people in our homes. So, its the time of us, You must install this app and find out people who have no shelter.

Ehsaas Langar & Panagah Android App on Google Play Store

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