EHSAAS Programme Prize Funding Strategy

The Centre tor Social Entrepreneurship, Poverty Alleviation and Social Safety Division is executing the fourth pillar of the Ehsaas Programme poverty reduction strategy through Prize Funding. We are looking for ideas in the following themes:

Institutionalization of a New Generation of Garbage Collection.

Institutionalization of a New Generation of Clean Cooking Stove.

Institutionalization of a New Generation of Thela: Designing & Zoning in Railways.

The centre for Social Entrepreneurship is soliciting application for its prize funding challenge to be held in Islamabad at the end of November.

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Final Day for Submission 20 November, 2019

The Competition is open to all NGOs, Startups and Private Organizations for


The winner will have to demonstrate their ability to execute and implement their plan, and they will be given a chance to scale their project.

They will have an opportunity to make a huge impact across Pakistan. The concept notes and application form can be viewed on our website or Furthermore, you can contact our office on 051-9245063

EHSAAS Programme Prize Funding Strategy

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