Eid ul Azha Celebrate with Simplicity for Observance of Solidarity with Kashmir

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority Islamabad has issued the Notification on 10 August, 2019 to the all Satellite TV Channel Licensees, FM Radio Licensees and Distribution services licensees regarding Eid ul Azha celebrate with simplicity for observance of solidarity with Kashmir.

In observance of solidarity with Kashmir, Eid ul Azha is being celebrated with simplicity as a religious event. Therefore, it is requested that No Special Programmes (already recorded or planned live) be aired as Eid Celebrations as the same may hurt sentiments of not only our nation but also the Kashmiri brethren.

All the satellite TV channels, FM Radio Licensees and Distribution Service Operators are requested to air content, expressing Solidarity with Kashmiris.

Moreover, as per Government directives, 14 August, Independence Day shall be celebrated as Solidarity Day with brave Kashmiris. All the licensees may curve their programs accordingly and a logo being shared in soft copy be displayed and used in public service messages.

August 15 shall be observed as Black Day. National Flag will be at half-mast. Channels are requested to project two nation theory, Indian atrocities against Muslims and minorities in India and in Indian Occupied Jammu &Kashmir. Licensees are also requested to turn their logos Black & White throughout the day on August 15, 2019.

A greater cooperation by all the licensees at this juncture is expected, please.This issue with approval of the competent authority.

Eid ul Azha Celebrate with Simplicity for Observance of Solidarity with Kashmir

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