Enhancement of Indoor & Outdoor Medical Treatment

Government of Sindh Finance Department has issued Notification on 24th February,  2020 in connection with enhancement of indoor & outdoor medical treatment.

Notification of Enhancement of Powers / Limits

In partial modification of this department’s policy circular No:FD(SR-II)11-7089/2013-14 dated 1st September, 2015, the Government of Sindh with the approval of Provincial Cabinet Sindh is pleased to impose a cap on medical reimbursement and none of the Civil Servants from BS-01 to BS-22 (including pensioners) and public representatives for treatment of himself/herself and entitled family members shall be allowed up to the limit Rs.1.00 Million for indoor as well as outdoor medical treatment in any financial year by the respective Administrative Secretary.

The claims of reimbursement of the medical charges received beyond the limit of Rs.1.00 (M) up to Rs.2.00 (M) in any financial year will be sent to the Chief Secretary, Sindh for relaxation. The medical claims beyond Rs.2.00 (M) received in any financial year will be sent to Chief Minister, Sindh for relaxation, if necessary.

Enhancement of Indoor & Outdoor Medical Treatment

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