Ensure MS/MPhil/PhD Programme Approved By HEC

Director General (Quality Assurance Division) Higher Education Commission Islamabad has issued the official announcement published in Newspaper on 8th December, 2019 in connection with ensure MS/MPhil/PhD programme approved By HEC.

The Higher Education Commission made it mandatory for all higher education Institutions across the country to obtain no Objection Certificate (NOC) from HEC prior to launching MS/MPhil or equivalent and PhD Programmes, after November 7, 2013.

Updated lists of all the NOCs issued, till date, to offer MS/MPhil or equivalent and PhD programmes can be checked from www.hec.gov.pk/site/NOC-issued

All students and parents are advised Not to take admissions in any MS/MPhil or equivalent as well as PhD programme that is not approved by HEC, since the resultant degrees will NOT be attested by HEC.

It has been noticed that despite clear Instructions, some universities are initiating/executing MS/MPhil or equivalent and PhD programmes without obtaining NOC from Quality Assurance Division of HEC in sheer violation of HEC policy.

All relevant stakeholders are hereby informed that from 1st June, 2020, no backdated NOC OR one-time attestation cases will be entertained, and the subsequent degrees of programmes launched after this date without HEC approval will hot be attested.

All HEIs are advised to submit their complete NOC applications in compliance with the given HEC criteria. NOC guidelines are available at www.hec.gov.pk/site/Criteria-MPhil-MS-PhD, HEC shall not entertain any incomplete application.

Ensure MSMPhilPhD Programme Approved By HEC

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