Essential Commodities List 2020 Notification

Deputy Commissioner Muzaffargarh has issued the official Notification letter on 10th February, 2020 in connection with maximum stock of essential commodities list 2020.

In exercise of the power conferred upon me under sub section 2 (d),)f) & (g) of Section 3 of the Price Control and Prevention of Profiteering & Hoarding  Act, 1977, read with Notification No, So(Estb)1-4/2015(Pt-II) dated 09-01-2017, issued by the Government of the Punjab, Industries, Commerce & Investment Department, Lahore, I, Deputy Commissioner, Muzaffargarh hereby direct that no person shall keep stock of following essential commodities without declaration to the office of concerned Assistant Commissioner, the location/Address of their storage / stock in excess of quantity mentioned against them.


Name of Item

Maximum limit of Stock /Storage


White Sugar

100-Bags of 50Kg Bag each or equivalent


Ghee all types

100-Cartons of 5-Kg Carton each or equivalent


Cooking Oil all types

100-Cartons of 5-liter Carton Pouch each or equivalent


Flour (Atta) all types

100-Bags of 20Kg Bag or equivalent


Pulses all types

100-Bags of 50-Kg Bag each or equivalent


Grams all types

100-Bags of 20-Kg Bag each or equivalent


Rice all types

100-Bags of 20-Kg Bag or equivalent

  1. All special Price Magistrates performing in the district are district are directed to inspect stores and take action if they observe any violation of this order.
  2. All Shopkeepers, dealers, traders will mention their complete name with parentage & address at the shops / places where they keep the stocks as per their declaration.
  3. No Shopkeeper, dealers, traders shall withhold the sale of any essential commodity for illegal profiteering.
  4. This order shall not be applicable on stocks at scale point of shopkeepers, dealers & traders.

Essential Commodities List 2020 Notification

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