Ex-Pakistan Leave Application Form 2022

Government employees can avail the opportunity of Ex-Pakistan leave for Visit / Umrah / Hajj / Ziarat or Medical Emergencies according to the Revised Punjab Leave Rules 1981 (updated). If you are planning prepare the format for Ex-Pakistan leave application 2022.

X-Pakistan Leave Application 2022

We are sharing application for Ex Pakistan Leave form with the following features to complete.

  1. Name of Applicant
  2. Leave Rules Applicable
  3. Post Held
  4. Department or Office
  5. Pay of Officer / Official
  6. House Rent Allowance / Conveyance Allowance or Other Compensatory Allowance in the Present Post
  7. Nature of Leave
  8. Period of Leave in days
  9.  Date of commencement
  10. Purpose of Leave
  11. Particular Rules under which leave is admissible
  12. Date of return from last leave
  13. Signature of Applicant
  14. Remarks and recommendation to the Controller Officer
  15. Certified that leave applied for is admissible under rule necessary condition are fulfilled
  16. Report of Audit Officer
  17. Orders of the sanctioning authority certifying that on the expiry of Leave the applicant is likely to return to the same post or another past carrying the compensatory allowance being drawn by him.

Download you application form here to prepare your application for Ex Pakistan Leave.

Ex-Pakistan Leave Application Form

40 thoughts on “Ex-Pakistan Leave Application Form 2022”

  1. If i want to go saudia for two months in my winter vacations
    Then i have to take x pakistan leave.
    But what about my salary of those two months???
    Weather i will get salary or not?

  2. Assalam o alykaum can any share the Proforma of Ex Pakistan leave sindh. Secondly tell me if any one perform Umrah in summer vacation so it could be count earn leave or some thing different. please answer in detail Thank you

  3. Sir !!
    i am working in Agriculture Department (Govt of Punjab) on BPS-17 on regular basis since 15 April 2020. If i want to go Turkey for 3 months to visit my relative (Sister-In Law). Then i have to take x pakistan leave.
    But what about my salary of those 3 months???
    Whether i will get salary or not?

  4. Hello there..
    I have been serving as PST teacher since 4 years..
    Can I avail x.pakistan leave..I am one year permanent employee…Please guide…If yes,then it will be with pay or without pay..

  5. Hello
    I have been serving school education department in bs 16 as contract employee since 2015. I have to travel to saudi Arabia on Family Visit Visa. Do I eligible to apply for ex-Pakistan? What is the procedure of ex-Pakistan Leave?

  6. Hi i have four year service as a PST appointed in 2017 and permanent service is 10months can I take Ex Pakistan leave if yes then mention rule also??

  7. Assalam o Alaikum
    I’m working as lecturer bps 17 availed study leave for one year for uk. My degree has completed. Can I avail further ex Pakistan leave for 2.3 years without pay?

  8. Can I avail ex Pakistan leave for 6 months . I’m appointed in 2017 and now permanent.want to go Saudi Arabia for family visit visa

  9. I am a gov teacher since last ten years I want to go to Dubai as I applyed for ex leave but they said it is banned in Multan kwl.when gov allowed us to go.kindly plz told us.

  10. I want t visit my relative in Malta
    Can I avail leaves for 6 months….. What’s z d process of D’s….. My service z about 7 years… N permanent since 3 years

  11. what is the time frame of using noc for ex pakistan leaves if ‘from date of availing leaves’ is mentioned on it? will it be applicable if i use it after a month of issuance date?

  12. I am working as a Primary School Teacher since last 7 years but now me want to go Dubai and want to ex Pakistan leave for 2 years kindly help me how can me apply and what process

  13. Assalamualaikum I’m a part of Punjab police department since 2017. I want to go abroad for my higher education for two years. i want to get Ex-Pakistan leave. What is the procedure and recommendations of the department.plz guide me

  14. I am a primary school teacher in government sector since 2009 to dates. I want ex leave Pakistan. But my visa is work permit. Can i apply for ex leave Pakistan. If yes then what shall i mention at the place of leave purpose or leave type.

  15. Assalam o alaikum, i want to ask that i have got U.K visa aslao i have got permission from education department to apply for visa. I am SST sci since 2009 and permanent employee. My passport is of govt servant. Can you guide me about affidavit and surety bond which is t be attached with application. Can’t i resign from abroad? Or is there any point in affidavit that i can not extend my visa? Pls guide

  16. AoA.I am govt permanent employ in grade 16 working since 2011 .I want to go abroad with my family can I apply for ex.pakistan leave?

  17. Asslamoalaikum I want to apply for ummrah I m contract employer I have applied online There was option … is it possible to get leave sanctioned

  18. I was appointed on contract basis in 2007 and declared as regular in 2009 this way I completed more than 10 years service. Now I have applied for ex-Pakistan leave 5 years without pay for Germany which is commecing from 27/10/2022 which is still pending for clarification. Kindly give your opinion Your honest opinion is required in this regard thanks.

    • Ex-Pakistan leave is also the right of any government employee but it is basically the mutual consent. So, you and your department must be agreed on same issue. I think your department may be issue against the duration of ex-Pakistan leave. You can discuss it with the concerned management.

  19. Respected Sir!
    Aslam- O- Alaiukum, Sir i am Junior Clerk in Govt sector and i have complete regular service of 16 years. Sir i have applied Ex- Pakistan leave 02 years without pay, but department head (Competent Authority ) regretted my leave. Sir please guide me how can possible to approved my Ex- Pakistan study leave please mail me sir i am very disappointed sir. sir my mail is afk71416@gmail.com

    • Dear AFK Khan, you need to get the reason of application rejection from your head or authority. Basically, the Ex-Pakistan leave is also a mutual consent that-is-why you have a strong reason to approve for that.

  20. Assalamualakum
    Dear I want to get study ex Pakistan leave with full pay. I m in punjab government regular servant in grade 16. Can I get this leave for PhD with full pay? If yes then share any performa or sample and procedure please. If no then how is possible?

  21. Aoa I am Adil Ahmad my department national bank of Pakistan I need x leave Pakistan because my wife applied in UK university .her visa confrom please give me pattern?

  22. Aoa. Sir i m dental surgeon BPS – 17 with 6 six years service. I want to perform umrah for 13 days. I want to know about HPA, conveyance deductions rule in such leave. Bcoz there z conflict of opionion. Sum says hpa deduct sum says no deduction. To avoid clerical staff corruption and account office corruption,kindly provide us exact information to aware govt. Employees regarding their leave rules rights? Also tell me that can these 13 days leave be adjusted in medical leave or casual leave if i hav bonus wothout pay deductions? Provide written notification regarding umrah leave salaray deductions if u hav to convince these corrupted clerks?

  23. Aoa sir. I m working corporation office and I’m a permanent employe for 7 years. Kindly send me the letter of X pakistan leave.

  24. Hello!
    I’m working as EST in education department. I want to go Dubai during summer vacations. Is there any ban on X Pakistan leave? Can i go Dubai without any restrictions?


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