Ex-Pakistan Leave Application Form 2022

Government employees can avail the opportunity of Ex-Pakistan leave for Visit / Umrah / Hajj / Ziarat or Medical Emergencies according to the Revised Punjab Leave Rules 1981 (updated). If you are planning prepare the format for Ex-Pakistan leave application 2022.

X-Pakistan Leave Application 2022

We are sharing application for Ex Pakistan Leave form with the following features to complete.

  1. Name of Applicant
  2. Leave Rules Applicable
  3. Post Held
  4. Department or Office
  5. Pay of Officer / Official
  6. House Rent Allowance / Conveyance Allowance or Other Compensatory Allowance in the Present Post
  7. Nature of Leave
  8. Period of Leave in days
  9.  Date of commencement
  10. Purpose of Leave
  11. Particular Rules under which leave is admissible
  12. Date of return from last leave
  13. Signature of Applicant
  14. Remarks and recommendation to the Controller Officer
  15. Certified that leave applied for is admissible under rule necessary condition are fulfilled
  16. Report of Audit Officer
  17. Orders of the sanctioning authority certifying that on the expiry of Leave the applicant is likely to return to the same post or another past carrying the compensatory allowance being drawn by him.

Download you application form here to prepare your application for Ex Pakistan Leave.

Ex-Pakistan Leave Application Form

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