Expected Salary Increase in Budget 2021-22 Pakistan

Expected Salary Increase in Budget 2020-21 Pakistan

Everyone residing in Pakistan and working as a government employee expecting about the salary increase in Budget 2021-22?. It is no-doubt the current conditions of our country getting worse day by day due to spreading epidemic coronavirus disease.

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The question arise in our mind that is it suitable to demand our salary increase in the prevalent condition of corona.

As we know, every govt employee is waiting for the promises of the prime minister of Pakistan. Because the previous budgets have completely disappointed our most of employees so thatswhy we all are expecting this time huge spike in increasing of salary in the coming budget-2021-22.

If it happens that PM Pakistan Imran khan asks the demands of Govt job holders than how much we want to get increase of salary in the upcoming budget. We know everyone is facing a crises of “Stay Home” and “Stay Safe” because of speedily increasing the coronavirus. In such condition, Imran khan has recently imposed 14 days more lockdown in Pakistan upto 30-4-2020.

As we know the Ramzan is coming after few days and everyone wants to buy more daily use items than every month and this time hoping rates of items will increase more and more. In such conditions;

Salary Should Not Increase in Pakistan Budget Due To Covid-19

I am sharing the news reported on 5th June, 2020 in Jang Urdu regarding IMF is emphasizing to the Pakistan that don’t increase salaries and pension in the coming Budget 2020-21 & freeze it.

But Pakistani Government is planning to increase 10% to 15% increase in salary in the Budget because of inflation has been increase promptly due to coronavirus lockdown situation.

Salary Should Not Increase in Pakistan Budget Due To Covid-19

Govt Employee Salary Should Increase in Budget 2020-21 ?

Both Federal and Provincial employees are expecting for the huge increase in salary of government employees for 2020-21 budget of Pakistan and pay & pension should increase more than the past years 2018-19. The Prime Minister of Pakistan has advised on 10th March, 2020 that the Finance should prepare the proposals for the equalization of salary of all the employees pay scale wise. Every employee is demanding the same salary structure from the last decade and now expecting more from PM Imran khan.There should not be difference of salaries for two employees having same pay scale.

How Much Increase Salary in Budget 2020-21

Now we are demanding the following announcements in the current Budget 2020-21 for the salary increase more than our expectations;

1). Pay Scale Revise & Merge Freeze Allowances

We are demanding that in the prevalent scenario the inflation will become more so we demand from Govt to increase our freeze allowance merged in Basic Salary and then announce percentage of salary increase.New Pay Scales 2020 should be introduced.

2). Percentage of Salary Increase in Budget

As everyone knows, previous budget was just satisfactory due to the initial period of PTI but now everyone facing difficulties and hope best for the future. We are expecting 30% to 40% increase in salary after merging all freeze allowances.

Pay Scale – [1 To 16] : 40% increase

Pay Scale – [17 To 22] : 30% Increase

3). Conveyance Allowance Increase in Budget 2020

We all are demanding minimum 50% conveyance allowance increase as proposal like the given below;

Pay Scale – [1 To 16] : 50% increase

Pay Scale – [17 To 22] : 25% Increase

4). Medical Allowance 2020 Increase 100%

Medical Allowance as already assigned to the lower scale BPS-1 to BPS-16 are not sufficient for employees. As an example no one can go for the Corona Test himself/herself due to Rs.7000/single test. We demand that medical allowance should be increase 100%.

5). Pension Should increase Reasonably in Budget 2020-21

Pension is only source of the employees who goes retired after 25 or 60 years of giving services to the Govt departments. Now we we to expect more reasonably increase pension of the govt employees got retired and getting pension;

Pension Range – [Rs. 5000/Per Month] : Should be increase 100%

Pension Range – [Rs. 10000/Per Month] : Should be increase 50%

Pension Range – [Rs. 15000/Per Month] : Should be increase 30%

Now i am requesting from all the readers to raise your voice of demands in comments then i will add in my post. Actually, we all are thinking if it is possible for our government to salary increase in budget 2020-21.

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