Family of Deceased Employees Allowed For Government Accommodation

If you want to know the rules and regulations regarding the married children or family of deceased employees, you can retain government accommodation. I would share the accommodation rules of federal government servants if any Govt employee died during service.

Government Accommodation For Family of Deceased Employees

In case of death of allottee.-

(a) the family of the allottee shall be entitled to retain the accommodation under their occupation for a period not exceeding one year on payment of normal rent; and

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(b) his serving widow or serving legitimate children may be allotted the said accommodation provided he is eligible for the accommodation or becomes suitable for the said accommodation within one year of the event. If the allottee expires within six months after retirement, his serving spouse or legitimate children may be considered for allotment provided all other conditions are met. Where the accommodation is of a class or category higher than his entitlement, he shall be allotted the first available accommodation in that class or category as the case may be, and shall not be dislodged and shall be charged normal rent till the alternative accommodation of his entitlement has been made available to him:

Provided that in no case the occupant shall be entitled to retain the accommodation of a higher category for more than one year.

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Family of Deceased Employees Allowed For Government Accommodation

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