Female Parliamentarians Empowered to Inspect Examination Centers

Female Parliamentarians Empowered to Inspect Examination Centers

All women in the Punjab Assembly are now allowed to go to test sites in their own communities. A big step has been taken to make sure tests are fair and don’t let people cheat. According to Rana Sikandar Hayat, this choice makes sense in light of the bigger picture. The Hon’ble Chief Minister of Punjab and the Minister for School Education are both other names for him.

According to Minister Rana Sikandar Hayat’s wants, the letter with the number PS/MIN/SED/2024/18 was sent from Lahore on March 27, 2024. Women who are chosen to parliament have to make sure that the exam is fair and that no one cheats.

The choice made by the government shows that it wants to open up and hold schools more responsible, especially when it comes to tests. People believe that having women in government will help keep an eye on test sites and make sure that students can take their tests without being influenced or treated unfairly.

The people who need to help with these checks have been asked to do so. Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of District Education Authorities (DEA) across Punjab and Chairmen of the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) are among them. It is believed that these important people must work together in order for the goal of fair and cheat-free tests to come true.

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It’s clear that the government wants to improve and strengthen Punjab’s school system through this project. Politicians who are women have been given the power to actively watch test centers so that kids, parents, and the public as a whole can trust the test process.

Politicians tell women to be careful and fair with their newfound power. They should also make sure that places where tests are given follow the rules and guidelines that have been set. A big part of what they do is make sure that tests are fair and honest. They also keep the school system open and honest.

It came from Room 109 in the New Minister’s Block in Lahore, which is across the street from the Punjab Civil Secretariat. It is emphasized in the notice how crucial it is for the government to work together to guarantee that tests are fair and uncheated. Leaders are being asked to help keep Punjab’s schools clean. Those who are interested can contact the officials at the given number to learn more and make plans.

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