Formative Assessment in Punjab Schools 2022

The Punjab Examination Commission, Lahore has issued the official notification on 25th January 2022 in connection with implementation of Formative Assessment in Punjab Schools 2022. The Government of the Punjab has approved the Assessment Policy Framework (APF) 2019 for elementary level of school education in the Punjab.

The Assessment Policy Framework was built upon two types of assessments i.e., Large Scale Assessment (LSA) and School Based Assessment (SBA). LSA is the sample based diagnostic assessment to gauge the performance of the education system. SBA comprised of a summative form of assessment at specific period in time and Formative Assessment throughout the year.

LSA and summative based SBA has been successfully rolled out in the province. However, to strengthening the Formative Assessment in schools, a strategy has been developed in consultation with all key stakeholders ranging from policy makers to school level. Accordingly, the strategy was approved and launched in the field by the Minister for School Education for implementation.

Features of Formative Assessment in Schools 2022 PEC

The salient features of the Formative Assessment Strategy are:

  • A classroom model for Formative Assessment is proposed that focuses on supporting the teachers to improve their instructional processes in their classroom. Some instructional areas which are focused in this model are required to be emphasized by the teachers in the classroom. These areas are:
  • Planning work to meet the level of understanding and skill of the child
  • Telling students what is expected from their work, so they know how to achieve
  • Talking to every student about their work and asking open questions
  • Observing students and listening to their conversations to see what they
  • Giving regular feedback to students about achievements and areas to improve in their learning
  • Reinforcing or planning more activities
  • Formative Assessment will be introduced in the schools in a phased manner which is as follow:
  • Orientation about the introduction of formative assessment at all levels across the province Material development and piloting in selected schools in selected districts
  • Implement in all schools in three stages:
  • Stage1: Early Grade (ECCE to Grade 2)
  • Stage 2: Primary School
    Stage 3: Middle/Secondary school
  • The Minister for School Education and School Education Department (SED) will supervise the process of implementation of Formative Assessment.

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  • The Punjab Examination Commission (PEC) will lead the process of implementation with all provincial departments and engage in the development of relevant assessment activities and materials including the rubrics related to specific learning outcomes and class wise assessment activity guide for teachers. PEC will also ensure the orientation of Formative Assessment to all stakeholders across the province.
  • Quaid-e-Azam Academy for Educational Development (QAED) will develop the relevant teaching and training material for all stakeholders including the teacher guide, lesson plans, assessment activities and professional development programmes. QAED will also ensure the addition of Formative Assessment in the district pre-service as well as in-service training programmes.
  • Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board (PCTB) will develop the academic calendar and relevant guides and materials for formative assessment.
  • Programme Monitoring and implementation Unit (PMIU) will develop and manage the quality assurance system for the implementation of formative assessment in the province
  • Higher Education Commission and universities will refine and develop the teacher education programme (pre-service and induction) with formative assessment practices. They improve existing teacher education programmes and offer specialized courses on different components of formative assessment practices.
  • The District Education Authorities will ensure the implementation of formative assessment in the schools with the provision of necessary support and facilitation to teachers.
  • The Assistant Education Officers (AEOs) will be responsible to support head teachers and teachers to implement Formative Assessment in the schools at Markaz level. This will be carried out through:
  • Mentoring and coaching teachers through COT
  • Ensuring information and supplementary materials are disseminated to schools and reach to the teacher
  • Tracking the implementation of the strategy through School Improvement Framework (SIF) and the Classroom Observation Tool (COT)
  • The head teacher will provide practical support and leadership to teachers, enabling them to integrate Formative Assessment into classroom daily practice.
  • Head teachers will also make sure that teachers have access to the proper support from AEOs (within the limits of their TORs), supplementary materials and information to implement Formative Assessment and are given support and adequate time for planning.

In the light of Strategy document (copy enclosed) and proposed roles and responsibilities of the District Education Authorities, it is requested to disseminate it with your field formation and the required actions on the part of your offices be carried out for its implementation in its true letter and spirit.

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Formative Assessment in Punjab Schools 2022

Features of Formative Assessment in Schools 2022 PEC

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