Functions Available In CEOs SIS Login

The Directorate of Public Instruction (EE) Punjab, Lahore has issued the official notification on 10th February 2022 in connection with Functions Available In CEOs SIS Login.

More Functions Added in CEO SIS Login

Reference to Govt. of the Punjab School Education Department letter No. SO(SE-IV) 2-34/2009 (TR) dated 07-12-2020 by SO (SED) on the subject cited above.

As School Education Department has already issued notification regarding SIS Management. The functions of all level stake holder, e-Transfer system with well-defined roles and responsibilities are already notified to facilitate the Hon’ble Teachers following more functions are added in the CEO (DEA) SIS login:

  1. Correction in Teachers Data
  2. Addition of SNE posts and correction
  3. Option to add request for QR code orders
  4. Promotion tagging of Teachers
  5. Correction of Subjects for EST (G) & SST (Sci) Teachers
  6. Teacher data reports
  7. Teacher e-Transfer history 
  8. List of pending promotions data
  9. List of awaiting posting teachers
  10. District Promotion Quota Reports

Inspite of that teachers are approaching the Head office having similar or same issues. So, you are directed to resolve the issues to facilitate the Hon’ble Teachers at District Level via available functions in your SIS login.

Furthermore, if any teacher visit directly to Provincial Office for these queries then CEO (DEA) concerned will be held responsible. In case of any query, facing any kind of error/problem in SIS the CEO (DEA) concerned should contact himself or through representatives to this Provincial Directorate.

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Functions Available In CEOs SIS Login

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  1. Assalam o Alaikum!
    Respected Sir,
    I want to get notification/solid document/solid proof, which will help me to know, that School head can change the personel data and services of any teacher in school tab, and what items are locked from school tab side and what optins are open ,if school head cannot change the data then who can change the above said data of any teacher of any school, e.g pesonnel number,Type,Designation,Subject,Grade,Posted against.
    Can these itmes be changed from School Tab?
    Waiting for your Reply,


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