Fundamental Rules and Supplementary Rules Volume-I PDF Download

Government of Pakistan, Finance Division compilation of the Fundamental Rules and Supplementary Rules Volume-I (PDF Download) made by the The President including Orders etc. issued by the Federal Government, Auditor General, etc. updated edition on 2018.

Brief Details of Fundamental Rules and Supplementary Rules

The Fundamental Rules and Supplementary Rules (FR&SR) define and determine the financial terms and conditions of government employees like pay, allowances, leave and travelling allowances etc.

FR&SR Volume I was last published in 1979. Updated edition 2018 incorporates all the amendments authorized in the Rules upto May, 2018. Editing and printing errors of 1979 editions have also been corrected and omissions rectified. The important orders issued and decisions taken by the government have also been incorporated in it. In order to meet the pressing demand for this compilation, the existing rules are being published as they stand with modifications.

I appreciate the hard work done by the team of Ministry of Finance (Regulation Wing) for their diligent efforts in the compilation and revision of  FR&SR. This work is certainly a step forward in the direction of good governance, transparency, openness and regulatory convenience. This  compilation of FR and SR will also be available on Finance Division‘s web

It would be appreciated if any errors or omissions, found in FR&SR Volume-I, are brought to the notice of Ministry of Finance.

Table of Contents:


I.—Extent of application


III.—General conditions of service


V.—Additions to pay

VI.—Combination of appointments

VII.—Deputation out of Pakistan

VIII.—Dismissal, removal and suspension

IX.—Compulsory retirement

X. — Leave—

Leave Subdivided Sections

{ I.– Extent of application

II.- General conditions

III.-Special and ordinary leave rules

IV.-Grant of leave

V.—Leave salary

VI.-Exceptions and special concessions }

XI.—Joining time

XII.—Foreign service

XIII.—Service under Local Funds

The Schedule—Provisions for determination of domicile


I.—Extent of application


III.—Medical certificates of fitness on first entry into Government service (F.R. 10)

III.A—Medical certificates of continued fitness for Government (F.R. 10-A)

IV.—Drawing of compensatory allowances (F.R. 44 and 93)

V.—Fees (F. Rs.46-A and 47)

VI.—Travelling allowances (F.R.44)—

Travelling Subdivided Sections

{ Chapter I.-Grades of Government servants

II.-The different kinds of travelling allowances

III.-Travelling allowance admissible for different classes of journey

IV.-Travelling allowance admissible when means of transport are supplied without cost to the Government servant travelling

V.-Grant of travelling allowance to persons who are not in the civil service of the Government

VI.-Controlling Officers

VII.—Gazetted and non-gazetted government servants [F.R.74(a)(iv)]

VIII.—Authorities empowered to grant leave (F.R.66)

IX.—Combination of holidays with leave and joining time  (F.R.68)

X.— Form of medical certificate of fitness to return to duty (F.R.71)

XI.—Leave procedure in the case of Government servants in Pakistan [F.R.74-a (i) and (ii)]

XII.—Leave procedure in the case of Government servants on leave out of Pakistan [F.R.74 (b)]

XIII.—Vacation Departments [F.R.82 (a)] XIV.—Maternity leave [F.R.101 (a)]

XV.—Hospital leave [F.R.101 (b)]

XVI.—Seamen‘s sick-leave (F.R.102)

XVII.—Departmental leave (F.R.2)

XVII-A.—Deleted XVIII.—Leave earned by temporary and officiating service [F.R.103 (a)]

XVIII-A.—Leave earned by service which is not continuous [F.R.103 (b)]

XIX.—Leave earned by part-time service [F.R.103 (c)]

XX.—Leave earned by service remunerated by honoraria or daily wages [F.R.103 (c)]

XXI.—Leave earned by probationers and apprentices [F.R.104 (b)]

XXII.—Amount of joining time admissible (F.R.106) XXIII—Deleted

XXIV—Interest on overdue contributions [F.R.119(b)] XXIV-A—Travelling Allowance

XXV—Delegations of powers (F.R. 4, 6 & 7)

XXVI.—Allotment of residences (F.R. 45)







XXVI-G.—Allotment of residences under the administrative Control of the Salt Revenue Department (F.R. 45)

XXVII.—Rent of Government residences (F.R. 45-A)

XXVIII—Rent of Government residences (F.R. 45-B) INDEX

Fundamental Rules and Supplementary Rules Volume-I PDF Download

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