Fundamental Rules and Supplementary Rules Volume-II PDF Download

Government of Pakistan, Finance Division compilation of the Fundamental Rules and Supplementary Rules Volume-II (PDF Download) APPENDICES AND FORMS  made by the The President including Orders etc. issued by the Federal Government, Auditor General, etc. updated edition on 2018.

Brief Details of Fundamental Rules and Supplementary Rules Volume-II

The Fundamental Rules and Supplementary Rules (FR & SR) define and determine the financial terms and conditions of government employees like pay, allowances, leave and travelling allowances etc.

2. FR&SR Volume II was last published in 1985. Updated edition 2018 incorporates all the amendments authorized in the Rules upto June, 2018. Editing and printing errors of 1985 editions have also been corrected and omissions rectified. The important orders issued and decisions taken by the government have also been incorporated in it. In order to meet the pressing demand for this compilation, the existing rules are being published as they stand with modifications.

3. I appreciate the hard work done by the team of Ministry of Finance (Regulation Wing) for their diligent efforts in the compilation and revision of FR&SR.

This work is certainly a step forward in the direction of good governance, transparency, openness and regulatory convenience. This compilation of FR and SR will also be available on Finance Division‘s web

It would be appreciated if any errors or omissions, found in FR&SR Volume-II, are brought to the notice of Ministry of Finance.

Table of Contents:

1 Memorandum explanatory of each rule in the Fundamental Rules (Not printed).

2 Memorandum explanatory of the treatment accorded in the Fundamental Rules to each Article in the Civil Service Regulations (Not printed)

3 Administrative instructions in connection with the Fundamental Rules

4 Delegations made by the President under Fundamental Rules 4 and 6

5 Rules regulating the grant of Overseas Pay (Not printed) 5-(A) Re-employed Personnel (conditions of service) Rules, 1932 (Not printed).

5-(B) Domicile Questionnaire. (Not printed)

6 Rules regarding the grant of free passages framed by the Secretary of State in Council (Not printed)

7 Travelling, etc., Allowances of persons proceeding to places outsides Pakistan on official business and those posted in Pakistan Missions abroad while travelling on duty abroad exception transfer

7-(A) Revised leave Rules, 1980 7-(B) The Prescribed Leave Rules 1955

8 Instructions issued by the Auditor-General under Fundamental Rule 74

9 Study leave rules prescribed by the President under Fundamental Rule 84

9-(A) List of British Dominions and Colonies in which leave salary may be drawn in sterling (Not printed)

10 Model terms for the grant of leave to Government servants engaged on contract who are under the rule making control of  the President

11 Orders issued by the President under Fundamental Rule 114 11-(A) Rates of contribution payable on account of pension and leave salary during foreign service

12 Memorandum explanatory of each rule contained in the Supplementary Rules (Not printed)

13 Authorities which exercise the powers of a competent authority under the various Supplementary Rules made by the President

14 List of Officers declared to be heads of Departments for the purpose of the Supplementary Rules

15 List of Officers who have been specially classed into the first or second grade for the purpose of calculating Travelling Allowance (Not printed)

15-(A) List showing rates of Travelling allowance of line staff of the Telegraph Engineering Branch for journeys on tour

16 List of permanent Travelling Allowance (Not printed)

17 List of Conveyance Allowance 18 List of special rates of daily allowance

18-(A) List of localities where road mileage and daily allowance at increased rates are admissible

19 List of officers not entitled to travelling allowance for journeys on tour (Not printed)

20 List of special case in which conveyance hire has been granted (Not printed)

21 List of officers of the Pakistan Posts and Telegraphs Departments by whom the possession of private conveyances may be considered to be in the interests of public service and who are entitled to recover the actual cost of transporting their conveyances on transfer, under Supplementary Rule 116 (a) I (iv)(2) (Not printed)

21-(A) List showing the scales of travelling allowances drawn by the Posts and Telegraphs Officials who move between hills and plains (Not printed)

22 Rate of travelling allowance admissible to Posts and Telegraphs officials deputed to undergo a course of training (Not printed)

23 List of Exceptions referred to in Supplementary Rule 184 (Not printed)

24 List of controlling officers in the Posts and Telegraphs Department (including audit) for purposes of Travelling Allowances (Not printed)

25 List of authorities in the Pakistan Posts and Telegraphs Department empowered to grant leave (Not printed)

26 Schedule of fees (Not printed)

27 Model Agreement forms for recruitment of officers (Not printed)

28 Central Services (Medical Attendance) Rules, 1958 Federal Services Medical Attendance Rules, 1990

29 Statutory provisions regarding terms and conditions of Services Forms Index

Fundamental Rules and Supplementary Rules Volume-II PDF Download

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