Gas Bills Subsidy Upto Rs.500/Month Instead of Ramzan Bazars 2020

Directorate General of Industries, Prices, Weights & Measures Punjab, Lahore has issued the official Notification letter on 13th April, 2020 in connection with gas bill subsidy upto Rs.500/Month instead of Ramzan Bazars 2020.

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Punjab Government usually establish Ramzan bazars and give subsidy on the selected items. In the wake of COVID-19, the Government of the Punjab is considering a proposal that instead of establishment of the Ramzan Bazars, the subsidy may be given to general public on the payment of gas bills. Pursuant to that and in order to calculate the amount of subsidy this Directorate General, IPWM requires district wise number of only residential gas consumers having average bills up to Rs. 500/- as given below.

Gas Bills Subsidy Upto Rs.500Month Instead of Ramzan Bazars

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