Good News for Sehat Card Users in Punjab Step Towards Affordable Healthcare

Good News for Sehat Card Users in Punjab Step Towards Affordable Healthcare

There is a latest news on the horizon for those who possess health facility cards in Punjab. The Punjab government has taken a big step to make it easier for people to get free medical treatment via Sehat Card. This is something to be happy about, especially for our fellow Pakistanis.

The Punjab government has done away with the proxy test for health facility cardholders. This might sound a bit technical, but it’s a good thing for people who need medical help.

Sehat Card Special Initiatives Today

Private Hospital Access: Under this program, all treatments will be available at private hospitals, with cardholders only needing to cover 30% of the healthcare costs using their health care cards.

Specialized Treatment: Certain medical cases, including emergency and life-threatening diseases, oncology, dialysis, thalassemia, orthopedic/neurological trauma cases, and individuals aged 65 and above, will receive free treatment at private hospitals. The exception here is cardiology.

State Life Insurance Coverage: The costs associated with these medical treatments will be covered by the State Life Insurance, ensuring that individuals can access necessary healthcare without financial stress.

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Immediate Implementation: This groundbreaking initiative took effect immediately, marking a swift response to the healthcare needs of the people. The Punjab Health Initiative Management Company has issued a letter confirming the commencement of this program.

Sehat Card Eligibility:

Before this, people had to go through a complex proxy mean test with a required T-score of 44%. Now, things are much simpler, and anyone who is eligible can get the medical care they need.

How To Apply:

Now, patients are divided into a simple category called ‘category 6.’ If you fall into this category, your treatment is completely free. If you’re not in category 6, you’ll only need to pay 30% of your medical bill when you go to a private hospital.

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Good News for Older People:

If you’re 65 or older, except for heart-related issues, you can get high-quality medical care at private hospitals without worrying about the cost.


The changes made by the Punjab government in the health card system are a big deal. By making things simpler and more affordable, they’re making sure that more people can get the medical care they need without delay. This shows that the government cares about the health of its citizens and wants everyone to have better access to healthcare. It’s a step towards a healthier future for all of us.

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