Government Servants Husband & Wife Can Retain More Than One Accommodation

No Married couple shall keep more than one allotted accommodation at the same time. Where the couple is found in possession of more than one accommodation at the same time, allotted accommodations shall after affording reasonable opportunity of show cause, be cancelled from their names.

They shall be charged rent at the rate of one rental ceiling for the entire period of retaining additional accommodation.

They shall be liable to disciplinary action for misconduct under the relevant rules or laws. The FGS against who is found guilty in proceeding under sub-rule(4) is taken under this rule shall be disqualified for future allotment of accommodation for ten years.

On becoming eligible for government accommodation, his name shall be placed at the bottom of the GWL on that date, provided he applies.

Government Servants Husband & Wife Can Retain More Than One Accommodation

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