Govt Departments Drawing 100% Additional Allowance 2021

Accountant General Muzaffarabad AJK has issued the official notification on 18th March, 2021 in connection with how many Govt departments drawing 100% additional allowance. All of these department are not eligible to take the disparity reduction allowance (DRA) 25% in the Salary of March, 2021.

How Many Govt Departments Already Drawing Additional Allowance

The undersigned has been directed to refer to your letter No. FD/3716-17/2021 dated 05-03-2021 on the subject cited above and to state that the following departments of the government are drawing additional allowance equal to 100% or more of their basic pay.


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S No. Department Name Drawing Additional Allowance
1 Supreme Court Special Judicial Allowance
2 High Court -do-
3 Judges and Qazis (s)of Sub-Ordinate Judiciary -do-
4 Officers of Revenue Department BPS-17 & Above Executive Allowance
5 Civil Engineers posted in P&D Department Technical Allowance
6 Police Department Risk Allowance
7 Jails Department Prison Allowance
8 Health Allowance Health Allowance
9 Only Chief Engineer, Superintending Engineer, XEN, and SDO of Local Government are drawing technical allowance Technical Allowance
10 Tax Department Performance Allowance
11 Engineers (BPS-17 and above) of Communication & Works and PPH Department Technical Allowance
12 Engineers (BPS-17 & above) of Electricity Department Technical Allowance
13 Officers (BPS-17 & above) of Secretariat AJKC Incentive Allowance

Govt Departments Drawing 100% Additional Allowance 2021

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