Grant of Bonus to the Employees of DISCOs

Pakistan Electric Power Company has issued the official Notification letter on 14th May, 2020 in connection with grant of bonus to the employees of DISCOs.

To avoid spread of Covid-19 Pandemic, country wide Lockdown in March to April, 2020 has been observed. Due to Lockdown, Government of Pakistan decided to defer the payment of Electricity bills of domestic consumers for 03 months.

Similarly, as  a result of Lockdown industrial and commercial activities remained suspended. The above said factors drastically decreased the revenue collection in DISCOs. It is important that the workers and officers of the Power Sector know that their commitment and efforts are appreciated but we have to face this difficult time together.

In the present financial crunch of one month bonus to the employees of DISCOs at this stage of time is not possible. The current situation warrants that in the larger national interest the demand of bonus may be deferred. However the payment of bonus will be considered as and when situation is improved.

Grant of Bonus to the Employees of DISCOs

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