Halal Accreditation By PNAC

Pakistan National Accreditation Council, Ministry of Science and Technology has issued the advertisement on Sunday, 2nd May, 2021 in connection with Halal Accreditation By PNAC, a gateway to international trade.

Halal Certification By Pakistan National Accreditation Council

PNAC is the only accreditation body in Pakistan with the mandate to accredit conformity assessment bodies such as certification bodies including Halal certification bodies and Product certification bodies, inspection bodies and all kind of testing calibration and medical testing laboratories and healthcare establishments.

Halal Sectors:

  • Halal Processed / Non Processed Food
  • Halal Trade
  • Halal Pharmaceuticals
  • Halal Tourism
  • Halal Cosmetics & Personal Care
  • Halal Finance¬†
  • Halal Textile & Leather

Pakistan National Accreditation Council (PNAC) is one of the pioneer accreditation bodies in the World which has launched Halal Accreditation Scheme in year 2012 in accordance with PS 4992 and Halal guidelines OIC SMIIC-2.

Benefits of Halal Accreditation 2021 PNAC

  • Facilitate Regulators in maintaining security, health, safety and environment and reduce regulations.
  • Build Confidence of consumers and exporters in products or services certified by an accredited Halal Certification Body.
  • Promote Halal Accreditation culture that provides opportunities for business and exports.
  • Ensure that Halal Certification Bodies (HCBs) consistently follow the applicable Halal standards
  • Play pivotal role in the prosperity of the country through credible trade
  • Facilitate to reduce Technical Barrier to Trade

PNAC Contact Details For Certification:

Pakistan National Accreditation Council, Ministry Of Science and Technology Government of Pakistan, Ground Floor, 1-Constitution Avenue, G-5/2, Islamabad, Phone Office: +92-51-9222313

Halal Accreditation By PNAC

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