HEC Foreign Degree Programmes in Pakistan 2022

The Higher Education Commission, Pakistan has announced HEC Foreign Degree Programmes in Pakistan 2022. It is notified for the public and all concerned stakeholders that Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan has been empowered by virtue of its Ordinance No. LIll of 2002, Section 10-1(d) “to prescribe conditions under which institutions, including those that are not part of the State educational system, may be opened and operated” across the country.

Any foreign university/institution that intends to offer foreign degrees in Pakistan, either directly through its campus or in franchise mode, has to seek explicit approval of the HEC in accordance with HEC’s approved Foreign Collaboration Policy (Transnational Education Policy) for operations of foreign universities in Pakistan. All the local institutions and programmes that are accredited and recognised by HEC, Pakistan are reflected on HEC website: https://www.hec.gov.pk/site/FCI.

HEC Foreign Degree Programs 2022 Details

Further, the permission granted to local institutions is restricted to a specified place and particular degree programme(s). Any misleading advertisement by the institutions whereby ambiguity and misleading information is reflected, shall be avoided. Separate advertisement shall be made for each location and its approved programme(s).

If the permission granted for a specific place and programme is misused for other locations by any local institution, the permission granted/NOC will be withdrawn. Any institution that fails to comply with HEC’s directions and regulations / rules / policies especially advertisement of foreign degree programmes without HEC approval shall be liable to stern disciplinary proceedings including placement of the name of such institution in the list of fake, illegal, unlawful and unrecognized institutions in Pakistan.

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Any local institution or foreign programme that is not listed on the aforementioned web-link shall be treated as fake, illegal, unlawful and unrecognized and the degrees awarded under such arrangement shall not be recognised by HEC.

Moreover, it is advised that all stakeholders shall consult HEC prior to taking any initiative regarding Dual, Double and Joint Degree Programmes in collaboration with any foreign universities/HEls. Otherwise, such degrees (local as well as foreign) will not be recognised/ equated by HEC.

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HEC Foreign Degree Programmes in Pakistan 2022

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