HEC Introduces HRMS System for Teachers 2021

HEC (Higher Education Commission) Punjab has introduced the HRMS System 2021 for the teachers. All the teachers can avail the facilities of transfer, promotion, retirement and other important issues with the help of HRMS system.

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HEC HRMS 2021 – Login To Portal

You can follow the below link for opening of Human resource system;


All the teachers are advised to complete their personnel and service information through login HRMS with the help of User Name and Password.

Every teacher can use his/her CNIC number as user name and password to login the portal and submit information before last date.

HEC has issued the helpline number 042-35880062 for the facilitation of teachers. You can contact on this regarding any query.

HEC HRMS Helpline Number

Last Date for submission of Information on HRMS is 19th June, 2020

If you are facing any difficulty while filling any information on HRMS then you can use this email: support.hed@punjab.gov.pk for the reply of queries.

HEC Introduces HRMS System for Teachers 2020

15 thoughts on “HEC Introduces HRMS System for Teachers 2021”

  1. السلام علیکم۔
    پہلے صفحہ پہ جہاں زاتی معلومات درج کرنا ہیں، وہاں
    post Grade
    کا خانہ ہے۔ میں نے بطور لیکچرر جوائن کیا تھا، اب اسسٹنٹ پروفیسر ہوں۔ یہاں میں کیا درج کروں گی؟

    • You have to write the current Post/Grade As in your case “Assistant Professor” But If there is written “Posted As” then you must write your initial recruitment Post as “Lecturer”

  2. I tried many times to login HRMIS by using my CNIC no. 3460204014079 as username and password as well but web was not poened. ( Prof. Dr. Babur Baig Mitaly , Govt. College
    Gujranwala Cell # 03007104981 )

  3. Currently working as a assist prof in UHE. Unable to open the site with my cnic. Tried many times on the helpline for help but in vain. No one was there to respond.
    Plz help me regarding this issue.

  4. مجھے یہ نہیں سمجھ آتا کہ ایچ ای سی کا ہم سے کیا واسطہ؟بھائی صاحب یہ پورٹل ایچ ای ڈی کا ہے اکثر چینلز ایچ ای سی اور ایچ ای ڈی دونوں کو مکس کر دیتے ہیں جبکہ یہ دونوں مختلف ہیں ہماری اے سی آرز،ہماری ترقی ہمارے تبادلوں ایچ ای سی کا کوئی پنگا نہیں

  5. I am presently working as a professor of chemistry at govt p/g college Gujranwala. I could not up date my data in HRMS system. what should I do now

  6. Meri I’d sy login ni ho ra invalid username and password a ra hy jb k dono chezain thk hn what would I do?


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