HEC Model General Education Courses 2022

Higher Education Commission has issued the official announcement of HEC Model General Education Courses 2022. The purpose of these education courses is to facilitate the fulfilment of the Gen Ed requirement of the Undergraduate Education Policy 2020 (UEP).

  1. Arts and Humanities Resource Package : Arts and Humanities – Updated.zip
  2. Natural Sciences Resource Package :Natural Sciences – Updated.zip
  3. Social Sciences Resource Package : Social Sciences.zip
  4. Expository Writing Resource Package :Expository Writing.zip
  5. Quantitative Reasoning Resource Package: Quantitative Reasoning.zip

HEC Education Course 2022 Details

  1. All Undergrad Students will have to complete 13 Gen Ed courses (39 credits) to fulfil the Gen Ed requirement.
  2. The courses include 5 Knowledge domains (Arts and Humanities, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Expository Writing, and Quantitative Reasoning.), as well as Islamiyat and Pakistan Studies.
  3. Universities can also design their own Gen Ed courses as long as they meet the objectives of Gen Ed Undergraduate Education Policy.

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Each Resource package contains the following resources:

    • Course Outlines
    • Teacher’s Manual
    • Additional resources/ Reading materials
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HEC Model General Education Courses 2022

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