HEC Policy To Take Admission in BA/BSC and MA/MSC Programs 2021

Higher education Commission has alerted their students about the new HEC policy to take admission in BA/BSC and MA/MSC programs 2021. According to the HEC latest notification, special advised given to the students for don’t take admission in unauthorized 2-years bachelor and master programmes.

HEC has banned the sub-standard universities who are offering BA/MA and BSC/MSC programs in the academic sessions 2021-22. As we know, after announcement of HEC banned notification 2020, there is 3 months extension were given to the universities for finalization of their admissions till 31st March, 2021.

HEC New Policy For BA/BSC and MA/MSC Admissions 2021

There are some guidance for students provided by the HEC because of missing the quality of study.

HEC Advised for Admission in Unauthorized Universities:

Students are advised not to waste their time and money by enrolling in unauthorized degree programmes, such as 2-year BA/BSc or MA/MSc programmes. These programs have been phased out because of quality concerns.

One or two universities have announced admission to unauthorized BA/BSc and MA/MSc programs. While this will earn money for the university, it will not be in the interest of the students. These discarded degrees will not enable students to apply for jobs or further education.

HEC Announces 4-Years BS Degree Rather Than 2-Years Program:

The decision to phase out the BA/BSc and MA/MSc programs, and replace them with a single, composite, 4-year BS degree was taken in 2004. However, universities were allowed to continue both systems in a transition period.

HEC Equivalency of Associate Degree To 14 Years Qualification:

In 2011, the Associate Degree (AD) was announced as an alternative to the BA/BSc degree. AD is equivalent to 14 years schooling, and entitles graduates to get admission in the 5th semester of respective BS programs after fulfilling the admitting university’s requirements.”

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In 2016, the transition period was concluded, and a final decision made to stop admissions in BA/BSc programs on December 31, 2018, and in MA/MSc programs on December 31, 2020. It was also decided that the last BA/BSc exam would be held in 2020 and that the admission to the last batch of MA/MSc students would take place before December 31, 2020. These decisions were confirmed in 2017, and again in 2018,2019 and 2020.

However, because of the disruption caused by the coronavirus, the following flexibility has been allowed:

Universities have been given a grace period of three months to conclude the final BA/BSc exams. Any exams concluded before March 31, 2021, shall be considered to be 2020 exams.

HEC Deadline of Admission in MA/MSC Programs 2021:

Similarly, the deadline for admission to the final cohort of the MA/MSc programs is also extended to March 31, 2021, so that the final cohort of BA/BSc students can apply for admission.

In addition, holders of BA/BSc degrees are allowed to apply for admission in the third year or 5th semester of the BS program, subject to the completion of a bridging semester or any additional course requirements that the university may impose.

Any student who misses the deadline to get admission to the MA/MSc programs can apply instead for admission to the third year {i.e., 5th semester) of the BS program, which is a far superior option.

Fresh Students Only Take Admission in BS Degree or Associate Degree:

Fresh students can be admitted either directly into the 4-year BS program, or in the 2-year Associate Degree Programs, offered through recognized campuses, constituent and affiliated colleges in place of the old BA/BSc programs.

In case of admission in illegal and phased-out programs, the students will end up bearing all risks and costs or any associated loss incurred.

HEC will not Recognized BA/BSC:

HEC cannot recognize the degrees of students who enrolled in conventional BA/BSc programs after December 31, 2018. Likewise, the last date for admission in conventional MA/MSc programs is March 31, 2021.

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HEC New Policy For BA/BSC and MA/MSC Program 2021 Advertisement

HEC New Policy For BA/BSC and MA/MSC Program 2021


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  1. HEC should give at least one chance to the Private students to appear in the BA/BSc Exams to secure their future as these students could not appear in the examination due to pandemic situation of covid-19. HEC should favour such students.

  2. At least one chance must be given to the students that have received their results too late due to COVID-19 so that they get admission in masters

  3. HEC b.a walo k ly q ni krre koi announcement Mera ba complete hochuka h r mjhy 5th semester mn admission chahy ta k mn bs mn shift kro BA ko mgar Aiou wait krre h HEC k notification Ka kindly bacho Ka waqt Covid m bht waste hoa h ab plz ba walo Ka b kch sochen .

  4. Mainy 2020 main admission liya urdu university main or jab admission liya muje Nahi pta tha k B.com khatam ho gya mainy prospectus liya wahan Likha thaa 4 semester k Baad aap skip Kar sakty wo b.com k equivalent ho gi degree or jab fee submit karwani thi main admin k office gya or pucha k main 4 semester k bad skip Karna chahta ho jaye ga unhon ne kaha g ho gaaa ab university degree Nahi de rahi keh rahy 8 semester poory karny paren ge

  5. Please do not stop MA/MSc 2-year private program as hundred of thousand of students specially females which are not allowed to go to university on daily basis. Some students are job-holders and it is not possible for them to join classes on regular basis. They have a fair option to send admission privately but if you banned this option, then many students will suffer. It is requested that please continue 2-years programs. It is in the interest of many students which are now unable to study further. Please please consider it. Thank you in advance.


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