Hiring of Medical/Paramedical Staff on Adhoc Basis for Combating Pandemic CoronaVirus

Government of the Punjab, Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department has issued the official Notification letter on 27th March, 2020 in connection with hiring of Medical/Paramedical staff on adhoc basis for combating pandemic CoronaVirus.

In continuation of this department’s letter of even number dated 22-03-2020,l am directed to refer to the subject noted above and to convey that in the wake of pandemic Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Provincial Cabinet Punjab in its meeting held an 24.03.2020 has accorded its gracious approval for hiring of manpower of medical / paramedical staff on adhoc basis to operational COVID-19 related facilities in the Punjab and also relaxed the age limit for all categories.

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Accordingly, the said posts have been advertised in the Newspapers today on 27th March, 2020 (copy of advertisement is enclosed) followed by the Corrigendum expected to be published on 28th March, 2020 (copy enclosed).

l am further directed to request that the process for hiring against the following categories of medical allied health professionals on adhoc basis may be initiated through District Recruitment Committee (DRC), according to the codal formalities as prescribed in the prevailing Recruitment Policy and eligibility criteria mentioned in the advertisement:

  1. Consultant Pathologists (BS-18)
  2. Consultant Physicians (BS-18)
  3. Consultant ENT Specialists (BS-18)
  4. Consultant T.B. & Chest Specialists (BS-18)
  5. Medical Officers (BS-17)
  6. Women Medical Officers (BS-17)
  7. Charge Nurses
  8. Clinical Psychologists
  9. Medical Laboratory Technologist (BS-17)
  10. Emergency Medical Technologist (BS-17)
  11. Laboratory Technicians (BS-09)
  12. Junior Technician Pharmacy Technologies (BS-09)

I am further directed to state that the Chief Executive Office concerned shall share the recommendations of the DRC alongwith Minutes of the Meeting for confirmation with the undersigned through WhatsApp No. 0331­-4428504, being focal person on HR as well as WhatsApp; Group “Corona HR Group” After confirmation, the hiring order shall be issued by the Chief Executive  Officer concerned on the same day. Thereafter these orders, along with documents including Minutes of Meeting, shall be dispatched to this department be record/security.

It is further clarified that the adhoc appointment of Consultant/Medical Officers/Women Medical Officers shall only be made against the vacant posts of one year or till pandemic situation is over, whichever is earlier.

Hiring of MedicalParamedical Staff on Adhoc Basis for Combating Pandemic CoronaVirus

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