Home Quarantine Instructions for CoronaVirus Patients

It is very important to understand the current conditions of the epidemic CoronaVirus spreading in Pakistan promptly as according to our Pakistani news channels, the total 147 cases of coronavirus are reported with 24 hours before 23rd March, 2020.

We hope everyone should have the appropriate instructions about how to sustain any Corona patient in Home Quarantine in case of coronavirus test got positive and we must united as nation in severe case of Government of Pakistan Federal Govt takes a decision to complete lockdown in the countrywide.

Should Govt Imposed Complete Lockdown in Pakistan?

Following are the most authentic for home quarantine instructions in case of coronavirus result got positive.

  • Restrict the mobility to your room for 14 days and minimize contact with family members and others.
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Tab. Chloroquine (Resochin) – 250mg [2+0+2 (for one day)] [1+0+1 (For next 4 days)] – Important: Pregnant families and patients on Anti-Epilepsy should not be taking this medicine
  • Tab Cetrizine OR Tab. Loratidne OR Tab Ebastine – 10 mg for 14 days
  • In case of fever Tab, Paracetamol – (2+2+2)
  • After sneezing or coughing: Wash your hands with soap for atleast 20 seconds.
  • Keep wearing face mask all the time
  • Visit hospital in case of not feeling well
  • In case of any guidance / help: Contact HELPLINE

Note: If you have any knowledge or you want to add any instruction regarding home quarantine then says in comment section.

Home Quarantine Instructions for CoronaVirus Patients

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