How Do I Get PEC Supervisory Certificate 2020-21

Pakistan Engineering Council offers a splendid opportunity for the unemployed engineers registered with PEC. Now, all of those engineers who are still unknown about how do i get PEC Supervisory certificate in registered firms. Applications will be entertained on a first come first serve basis.

All such Registered Engineers who graduated in year 2019 & 2020 and could not get employment in any department/organization/firm, may apply for issuance of Supervisory Certificate for financial year (2020/21) by observing followings:-

√  Engineer will apply through online application system along with undertaking available at PEC website:


√  Last date for applying is October 23, 2020 (1700 Hrs) .


√  Engineers already obtained Supervisory Certificate are not eligible to apply.


Undertaking will be provided on legal paper describing that:


“I, Engineer ………………(name) PEC Registration No……………………. could not get job in any Govt / Semi Govt/ Private Department or autonomous body. My PEC registration may be cancelled if this statement is found incorrect” .


√  Supervisory Certificates will be issued on with due consideration to Provincial/Federal Quota on, first come first serve” basis .

√  PEC will not consider the application( s) received after achieving the target number of applications or after due date and time mentioned above.

Note that this Supervisory Certificate will be issued for employment with Construction/Operating firms duly registered with PEC in order to impart practical/field training to young officers. All Registered Engineers getting employment on the basis of Supervisory Certificate shall avail the opportunity for said purpose in letter and spirit.

How Do I Get PEC Supervisory Certificate 2020-21

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