How does Natural Gas get to our Homes

Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) has issued an infographics to understand the phenomena of natural Gas routing from Gas Station to Customers. There are few steps given below to understand how does natural gas get to our homes.

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1). A network of mostly underground pipelines transport natural gas to 2.9 million SSGC customers in Sindh and Balochistan.

2). SSGC’s Distribution system includes more than 46,000 kms of pipelines through its franchise areas.

3). Safety valves are strategically located throughout out distribution network, so that systems can be safely isolated for maintenance or emergency repairs.

4). A natural gas main delivers natural gas to your neighborhood.

5). The SSGC produced meter is an integral part of the distribution network and measures natural gas use.

6). A small natural gas service line brings the gas from the main to your natural gas meter.

7). The meter delivers safe, reliable and economics natural gas to your home.

8). The main is buried underneath the ground and can be under roads , sidewalks, lawns and driveways.

9). SSGC operated the infrastructure leading up to and including your natural gas meter.

10). Beyond your natural gas meter, small gas pipelines run throughout your home. These customer owned small pipes bring gas from the meter to your natural gas appliances.

How does Natural Gas get to our Homes


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