How To Get Disability Certificate 2021 | CNIC Benefits in Pakistan

Before starting to our new post, i would say happy new year 2021 to all of my viewers. Today, we are providing you special persons CNIC benefits in Pakistan and understand how to get disability certificate 2021. This information is ultimately very much beneficial for special person of Govt employees or non-Govt employees in Pakistan. The Special CNIC card with a special mark has the following benefits:

CNIC Benefits For Disability Certificate 2021

  • Special people can avail the benefit of recruitment persons with disabilities
  • If your CNIC is made, then your cannot transferred from your residence upto the life time
  • If you have National Identity Card, then you can get 2,000 monthly special conveyance allowance in the department which is different from normal conveyance allowance.
  • You can easily apply for the job in abroad.
  • You will not have to pay any fee at the place where you will apply.
  • If you have this card, you can apply for free in PSC and NTS.

Benefits of Disability Certificate 2021 Via Special CNIC

All of those disable persons who have no job then how much benefits the non-employees can avail through disability certificate;

  • Tax free
  • Shopping from a utility store at a 50% discount
  • Free travel in the metro
  • Two separate seats for those with this card in the metro.
  • Income tax is waived.
  • If you take land, tax is waived.
  • Free treatment in every hospital
  • Benefits of free health and education for children
  • Fifty percent fare waiver if you are on a plane trip
  • Fifty percent train fare waived.
  • People within the department can offer you a job
  • You can drive and keeps non-custom paid vehicle inside Pakistan upto 1300cc and ED green number plate is allotted.

This Special CNIC has enormous benefits in abroad. Wherever you go, you will be considered a special person and there you will get a protocol equal to that of a minister. Besides, there are many benefits. Now, the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has introduced a separate loan scheme without interest through which you can get interest free loan for business, house and land.

How Can You Make Special CNIC For Disability Certificate 2021

All the disable persons from Pakistan can make Special CNIC through the disability certificate. Now, it is important to understand how can you avail the disability certificate;

Procedure of Disability Certificate 2021:
  • Visit Social Welfare Office of your District
  • First get the form and fill the form accurately
  • Parents CNIC and 02 passport size photos of individual
  • Attest all the documents
  • After the medical board check, the divisibility certificate will be provided to the special person
  • All the process has no fee

How To Get Disability Certificate 2021

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