How to Protect ourself and others from CoronaVirus 2020

As we know that, the CoronaVirus became most venomous disease throughout World. Now according to the latest news update, two cases are diagnosed in Pakistan. After that it is very important to know how to protect ourself and others from CoronaVirus 2020.

1). Dispose of Tissue Papers:

After use, dispose of the tissue papers properly

2). Precautionary Measures:

In case of Fever, Cough or Breathing problem take precautionary measures

3). Don’t go Office:

If you suffer from influenza or Flu avoid to go to your office, school or any mobility to stay at home.

4). Don’t touch hands:

Don’t touch your Eye, Nose or Mouth with your dirty / uncleaned hands.

5). Use Mask:

While coughing or sneezing put a or a soft cloth on your mouth and nose (but not the Hand).

6). Wash Your hands:

Wash your hands with a soap or with water and use hand wash lotion.

7). Stay atleast 1 meter Distance:

If you have influenza or Flu stay away from others at distance of atleast 1 meter.

8). Don’t Shake hands:

If you have Influenza or Flu don’t embrace or shake hands with the people.

How to Protect Ourself and Others from CoronaVirus 2020

Reduce Risk of CoronaVirus Infection

1). Cover nose and mouth with tissues or inside of elbow when coughing or sneezing

2). Avoid close contact with anyone with cold or flu-like symptoms.

3). Thoroughly cook meat and eggs.

4). Avoid unprotected contact with live wild or farm animals.

Reduce Risk of CoronaVirus Infection

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